Tamraz Organization,LLC

The new owners of Tamraz Organization, LLC wanted to give His WEbsite a complete makeover. We turned this Into an Entire Rebranding and Digital Marketing Focus. Bayhouse Started with the Founder's vision and made his presence a direct reflection of himself and Tamrazr Organization,LLC. we think it tyrned out pretty cool.   

LImagine Incentives

TImagine Incenives gives sales teams fuel  to succeed. When owner Mark Puente  wanted to increase his brand awareness and represent his company in the light it deserves,  he came to Bayhouse.  Mark was very hands on in the design calaboration and we love the way it came together. First impressions last a lifetime and 81% of shoppers already checked out your company before ever calling you. 8 out of 10! 

Garay Law

Jose Garay is on of the top employmnet  law attouney. Jose Garay graduated from Stanford University in 1989. He received his Juris Doctorate from Southern Methodist University in 1998.  Mr. Garay’s firm has practiced in all aspects of employment litigation.  Garay has hired on Bayhouse not just for the website but also for our S.E.O product. Our first phase of this is massive cleaning and tightening of Graylaw.com's online presence.  There are many different stages to developing  an organic S.E.O presence built to last. We start with building a solid foundation. 

Pool Party Massacre

THis movie is due to be released soon. This has been one of our favorite sites to work on. Site still under construction. Check back for updates.